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Sports are frustrating, not only for ourselves, especially for our kids. We at GL4Performance give parents the most cost efficient and fundamental ways to help themselves and their junior athletes succeed. No age is really to small to develop athletic ability. Agility, speed, fine motor skills, and mental preparation are just some of the areas we develop. There are no short cuts in sports or in life. We give you the practice, training, and plans to develop into an athlete. 

Team Practice

We Tailor Packages to your needs. Ask us about pricing 

Basic Rate $45Hr Lesson

More You want the Cheaper the Rate. We Offer Military / Veterans, Police and Fire Discounts.


Womens Softball


IF you enjoy taking your child to see their Trainer or Coach...We thought So...


We offer some of the first in the area Parent / Junior Athlete Packages


Mom or Dad Bring your kid for his or her lesson in your gym clothes. While they are getting instruction for baseball, you will get challenged by our NASM Certified Trainers for the ultimate outdoor workout.  

Rugby Players
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